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Cosentino Winery Sale Set, Management AWOL

Physicians Reciprocal Insurers (PRI) will sell Cosentino Winery to the highest bidder at 1:30 p.m. Dec. 29 at Brown’s Court in Napa.

Despite numerous rumors circulating, no sale has been made and no bids are legal until the formal process is complete.

As is to be expected, the process has attracted the interest of the usual players in the fine wine market including Bacchus and Vintage Wine estates among others.

Observers say that Foley Family Wines chose not to sign the required non-disclosure agreements and did not participate in early negotiations. They could, however, participate in the formal sale at the end of the month.

PRI is the senior secured debtor and is owed approximately $12.5 million secured by the winery real estate in Yountville, along with brands, inventory, intellectual property and other personal property including some of the wine production equipment

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  • WINERY WORTH SUBSTANTIALLY LESS THAN AMOUNT OWED This section available to VIP Premium Subscribers. A full appraisal of the real estate and estimates of the bulk and bottled wine is available along with other documents for those premium subscribers.  Please see the list, below, for more information.
  • EQUIPMENT LIQUIDATION SALES EXPECTED IN EARLY 2011 A list of equipment is available in the LaChance and California First court filings, below.


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