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Treasury Wine bulks up with luxury brands, inches away from plonk. And masstige (Masstige?!?)

Source: TWE FY15 Full Year Results Investor Presentation

Handmade? Craft? Limited edition? Artisan? Buzzwords have purchasing impact. Which ones are most powerful?

Source: Harris Poll

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Health studies on alcohol skyrocket, but very few on pot. Legal weed data scarce.

Source: Nature

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Wine & spirits go to pot in Colorado. Symposium to look at market effects of legal weed.

A preview from “Share of Buzz From a Colorado Perspective” to be presented at the 24th annual Wine Industry Financial Symposium by Jim Smith, Director, Government and Community Affairs, Republic National Distributing Company Smith: “After 12 years of Medical Cannabis in Colorado we are just now starting to understand the impact on beverage alcohol . […]

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CORRECTION: The massive Central Valley subsidence: is Actually a LOT Worse Than 10 Feet!

CORRECTION: The massive Central Valley subsidence: is Actually a LOT Worse Than 10 Feet! Yesterday’s Daily Data had the right number in mind but the wrong graphic. The NASA subsidence image used yesterday was only for eight months: May 2014-January 2015. Actually, the worst subsidence measured was for 1926-1977 and about 28 feet  (more than […]

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Groundwater over-pumping has caused some parts of Calif to sink 10 FEET or more!

Source: NASA via LA Times

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2015 Calif Drought: $Billions lost, thousands unemployed, massive crop acreage idled

Source: University of California, Davis

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Wine Industry Financial Symposium 2015: What A Difference 20 Years Makes In Industry Perception

In 1995, the wine industry saw the following as the main drivers of growth: Health benefits of moderate consumption, economic well being and affordable wine. Would be interesting to see the same survey questions today. Especially given that more Americans believe moderate alcohol consumption is bad for one’s health (28%) than believe it is good […]

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June food & beverage retail sales stuck in May

  Source: Census, Retail Trade Survey

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Frequent wine drinkers are really … really into craft beer

Source: Wine Market Council

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