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Americans LIKE organic! But GMO? Not so much

Source: Pew Research Center

There has been no actual recovery in the the U.S. economy says major new Gallup study

Source and link to full 120-page study: Gallup

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Solving a cross generational marketing problem with “affordable luxury”

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U.S. Craft beer growth still healthy amid shifting sales pattern

According to Bart Watson, Chief Economist for the Brewers Association, the growth pattern for craft beer has shifted:   “We’ve seen scan (i.e. off-premise retail) [volume]weaken a bit in the 2nd half, but that’s coincided with strengthening premises use (i.e. direct sales) numbers, so those two may be offsetting themselves. I’d say the over-under [growth] […]

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How to throw the ultimate wine-and-cheese party using the miracle of data

Source (and interactive charts): Washington Post

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The desktop is dying. Your marketing will too if you’re not going mobile

Source: Comscore

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Location-based mobile service usage is nearly ubiquitous in top wine and craft-beer states

Source: U.S. Telecommunications and Information Administration

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To sell more wine at bars, you will need to simplify decisions in a way that points to your brand.

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Parsing the economics of Napa Valley Cabernet: 100 to 140 times grape cost to bottle price or you lose!

Source and more data: Mike Fisher: Napa Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Vs Grape Pricing

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Asian cuisine fastest growing among restaurants that serve wine/beer/spirits

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