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What we love and what we hate about wine and beer

Source: Primer

A shocking glimpse of the UK Govt’s new “Abstain or die!” temperance movement.

“Drinking any level of alcohol regularly carries a health risk for everyone.”   Source: Public Health England. Read the whole thing and be prepared for a surreal experience.

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America’s wine trade deficit: #1 in world & continuing to grow

Source: World’s Top Exports

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No longer blowing just smoke: Legal pot spurs product innovation

Source: Headset Market Insights

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The size of the world economy—measured in burgers

Source: The Economist

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Reviews will help you sell. But be aware that while consumers like reading online reviews, they rarely write them

Source: eMarketer

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Calif bulk Chardonnay prices blew right through the roof in June!

Source: Ciatti Company via Rabobank

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Millennial foodie trends: fusian, spiralized, craft & quinoa, but no wine. WTF?

Source: YPulse via Washington Post

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Wine Institute dominates USDA export funding, but craft beer & hops are gaining

Source: USDA MAP Funding Allocations – FY 2016. For a full list sorted by dollar amount, please click here (.xlsx).

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How Much Alcohol Is in Your Drink? Stronger Beers and Wines Make It Harder to Tell

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