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Investor disclosure now an issue as Constellation evades & GI Partners remains silent about Duckhorn sale

The accuracy of  Wine Industry Insight’s article about the proposed sale of Duckhorn Wine Company to Constellation by GI Partners remains officially unresolved as the two main parties in the transaction refuse to confirm or deny the deal.   GI Partners remains silent while Constellation evaded the question yesterday with this official waffle: “Constellation Brands’ […]

Amid no word at all from Constellation or GI Partners, Duckhorn exec says not for sale. Sources hold firm.

Wine Industry Insight’s article: Constellation In Talks To Buy Duckhorn from GI Partners has gotten plenty of comments, but none from the present owners of the wine consortium (GI Partners) and the presumptive buyer (Constellation Brands).   Well before the article ran, Wine Industry Insight sought comment and emailed a draft of the original article to […]

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Constellation In Talks To Buy Duckhorn from GI Partners

This article is available to premium subscribers of Wine Executive News. Wine Executive News subscribers please click here to read the complete  article. Also In This Article: Following Consumer Premiumization Trend Purchase Should Find Favor With Analysts Not a Wine Executive News subscriber? Subscribe to Wine Executive News now, and get the rest of this […]

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Napa & The Panama Papers – Scratching the surface

This is the first in a series of quick glimpses of wine industry people and entities based on the Panama Papers’ massive data trove. That data has been collected by The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists News coverage of the Panama Papers has focused primarily on the lurid, and the sensational: tyrants, moguls, and top […]

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Vineyards, grain supplies have stake in “Goofy” Federal Plowing-Is-Pollution Case

EDITOR’S NOTE: While this particular case involves a row crop, its outcome will substantially effect vineyard development, grain production and tree-nut orchards.   Not only does this judicial decision reclassify shallow tillage (4-6″) as deep ripping, but it also holds that exemptions for ordinary farming activities are not exempt from federal sanctions if land is […]

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Plowing Is Pollution, Dry Streams Are Navigable Water Says Federal District Judge In Duarte “Plow A Field, Go To Jail” Lawsuits

Plowing a field is pollution according to Judge Kimberly J. Mueller in an order issued June 10 in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California.   The decision carries significant implications for agriculture of every sort.     The order said that, according to the U.S. Clean Water Act (CWA) soil is a […]

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Bill Hambrecht Hit By New Multi-Million-Dollar Federal Lawsuit

Yet another multi-million-dollar lawsuit over unkept personal guarantees has been filed against financier/vintner William R. “Bill” Hambrecht.   Hambrecht has lost a steady series of similar lawsuits among more than $22.5 million in judgments since April 2012. (See links at the bottom of this article for Wine Industry Insight coverage.)   Hambrecht’s failure to disclose […]

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Lead, cancer, arsenic and now BPA — A new Prop 65 warning requirement hits food, alcoholic beverage retailers.

A consortium of food and alcoholic beverage trade groups have sent all of their California members the offer of a free Prop 65 warning sign for BPA and stern advice to post the sign immediately at cash registers.   Most holders of California ABC retail licenses received their signs in the mail within the past […]

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Trade a bottle go to jail? That’s what the Calif ABC may have in mind if you use this new app.

If you — a private citizen without an alcoholic beverage license — want to exchange a bottle of your wine, spirits, craft beer or cider for another one offered by a like-minded (and equally unlicensed) private citizen, the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control wants you to know they want to prosecute you.   And […]

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Some see conspiracy in missing wine-pesticide story pulled by San Francisco TV station

ABC television affiliate KGO-TV (ABC 7) in San Francisco is locked down tighter than the Nixon White House and refusing to comment or even return phone calls about why its segment on weed killer in wine is now missing.   In the April 29th issue of Wine Industry Insight’s NewsFetch,we included a link about the […]

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