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Courts Finally Catch Up To WineGavel Auction Site Founder

Almost two years ago, Wine Industry Insight broke the story of disappearing wine and mis-managed auction lots plaguing the online auction site, WineGavel (WineGavel Sued By Rare, Fine Wine Collectors). Since then, lawsuit after lawsuit has plagued the company even after new management stepped in to try and clean things up: WineGavel Battling Remy Cointreau […]

Lodi Herbicide Drift Testing Plan Secretive, Full Of Holes

The vineyard sampling in the Lodi area to determine the extent of contamination from the Bouldin Island herbicide drift is unlikely, as currently designed, to alleviate concerns about potential health consequences from wine made from exposed grapes. Among potential shortcomings are the areas being sampled, the laboratory cut-off concentrations of imazapyr and the lack of […]

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Security Of Grower Liens Uncertain In Hill Winery Bankruptcy

[NOTE: Links below marked by (WEN) are to actual court documents and available to premium subscribers to Wine Executive News.] The Hill Winery collapse has snared 31 grape growers who are owed a total of $1,946,544. Most worry that the statutory liens on the fruit they sold may not be worth a hill of beans. […]

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Lodi Pesticide Drift – Update

The Stockton-Record followed up on Wine Industry Insight’s article from last week on the pesticide drift near Lodi (Major Pesticide Drift Threatens Lodi-Area Vineyards) and turned up some valuable additional¬† information. The article by Reed Fujii, Did pesticides hit vineyards? found determined that the Bouldin Island pesticide application was ordered by the close business partner […]

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Major Pesticide Drift Threatens Lodi-Area Vineyards

As many as 25,000 acres of vineyards in the Lodi area may have been affected by a major pesticide drift from the aerial application of a powerful weed killer cocktail applied across Bouldin island (about 10 miles west of Lodi) from May 15 to 28. Damage has been reported as far east as Clements in […]

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TTB Carpet Bombs Hill Wine Co With Felony Allegations

This is one of two articles published today on Hill Wine Company. See, also:¬†Confused Hill Wine Co Chapter 11 Lurches Forward That article was written just before the documents on which this article is based, were filed. The Hill Wine Company Chapter 11 and Jeff Hill’s fast exit from the company began on April 23 […]

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Confused Hill Wine Co Chapter 11 Lurches Forward

This is one of two articles published today on Hill Wine Company. See, also: TTB Carpet Bombs Hill Wine Co With Felony Allegations . The documents on which this article is based, were filed after this article was written. The Hill Wine bankruptcy proceeding continues to lurch forward, minus Jeff Hill. According to court records, […]

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Hill Wine Co Bankruptcy Snares Big Names, Big Time

The Chapter 11 filing by Hill Wine Company LLC has entangled some of the biggest North Coast wine names including Don Sebastiani & Sons, Kent Rasmussen, Domaine Chandon, Del Dotto and Patz & Hall. Those are just a few among more than 200 creditors who, court documents say, are owed more than $8.6 million for […]

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Floodgate: Prime Sonoma Vineyard,150K-case winery Sold for $100 (Not A Typo)

For Sale, Sold, Sold Again: Floodgate Vineyard: 15 prime acres and a 150,000-case winery . Spring, 2013: Listed for $17 million. June 2013, Sold: $10.2 million May 22, 2014, Sold at Sonoma County Sheriff’s auction for $100 (not a typo). When William Hambrecht needed cash to pay off $11 million in legal settlements last year, […]

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Mapping Part of The Hambrecht Empire

In working on a series of articles about wine finance and wine financiers, one man looms large in the industry and in finance as a whole: William R. Hambrecht. He’s truly a Renaissance financier who has placed bets so widely and frequently that he has left a lasting web of financial influence. Many have benefited […]

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