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What Message Is Your Old Blog/Site Sending?

The sale of eWinery Solutions was so NOT a surprise given the persistent coma of its website. Note April 28 as the most recent post. (Screen capture Sept. 18, 2014) Aging, derelict web sites most often mean that the owner doesn’t have the resources to keep it up to date, doesn’t care, or both. Those […]

Offending Ads – Pages That Twitch With Animations

The number-one complaint from News Fetch readers comes from animations. We’ve been banning those for new ads and grandfathering them for ongoing advertisers. What’s more, to lower the annoyance factor, the grandfathered ads must make slower transitions and remain static longer. And they animate once and then remain still. Our eventual goal is no animations […]

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The News-less “News” Release

News releases don’t have to be nauseatingly arrogant to be worthless. All it takes is the ability to bury the news at the bottom of a textual avalanche of wandering prose. This release has the usual self-congratulatory mentions embedded in a lot of verbiage that failed to address the basic question: Why should the reader […]

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How do you make a sponsored content link pay off?

Sponsored content links are those paid by sponsors and, on Wine Industry Insight, clearly marked as such. (Not clearly marking paid content is misleading and dishonest.) In the daily News Fetch email briefing, sponsored links look like this: or HOW TO MAKE SPONSORED LINKS PAY OFF Write an irresistible headline. Use Sharp Headlines To Hook […]

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Crimson Wine’s Gratuitously Self-Congratulatory, Over-Stated News Release

Pitifully bad news releases abound. Journalists usually swap them among themselves. Usually we just privately laugh … and regret that there are so many PR people who have no concept of what actual news is, who stack unsupported superlatives one on top of the other like wedding cakes with too many tiers and way too […]

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Quake Relief Sales: Be Specific Or Be Suspicious

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With Lawsuit Behind Him, Paul Dolan Talks About The Future

EDITOR’S NOTE: Paul Dolan emailed us yesterday with the following narrative explaining his perspectives on the future now that the Mendocino Wine Company lawsuit has been settled. With his permission, the email is presented below, complete and unedited.   Hi Lew I decided I should share a very short version of my story, as I […]

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Jenga Barrels! How Clever Napans Untangle The Quake Jumble & Avoid More Disaster

Carefully. A typical, 59-gallon wine barrel weighs about 120 pounds empty and 600 pounds full. But after an earthquake, you need to think of barrels full of ultra-top-quality Napa Valley wine as as a mountain of $20,000 Jenga blocks — precariously jumbled and ready to avalanche at the wrong move or the next aftershock. Climbing […]

Read More Is Moving … To Napa Valley Vintners

The domain, is moving to the Napa Valley Vintners on Friday. Right now it points to — the “Volunteer or Provide Free or At-Cost Goods For Quake-Hit Wine Businesses” help forum we set up Sunday morning. I grabbed as soon as I saw trolls trying to hijack #napaearthquake on Twitter. I didn’t […]

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Napa Quake Help Forum: Redesign, New Link

The Napa quake help forum has been re-designed to make it more user friendly.  The forum also has NEW link: WASTING TIME TO SAVE IT The rush to get the board up and running to help people, meant that, yesterday morning, I tried to use a third-party forum provider and that was just a […]

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