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Indian Reservations: Get Stoned & Gamble?

According to the Associated Press: “GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Indian tribes can grow and sell marijuana on their lands as long as they follow the same federal conditions laid out for states that have legalized the drug, the U.S. Justice Department said Thursday.” According to the article, It remains to be seen how many reservations […]

Academic Wino Teams With Perdue On 3 Major Web Projects

Becca L. Yeamans-Irwin (bio here) — known widely in online wine circles as “The Academic Wino,” has teamed up with Wine Industry Insight Editor And Publisher Lewis Perdue (bio here) in three major web projects: (1) Wine Industry Insight: Yeamans-Irwin is now assistant editor. “For the past six weeks, Becca has been assisting me with […]

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Why You Should Never Announce an Announcement

“Announce” is redundant. It is a bland boring word, kind of like cheap corn filler or  ground beef. It dilutes your message and wastes the precious few words you have to grab a potential reader’s attention. The fact that you have sent out a press release or other announcement is proof that you have “announced.” […]

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Wine Algorithms, Critics & Apps Can All Be Friends

Matt Kramer makes some awesomely accurate points in his Wine Spectator article today. His points about algorithms as they exist today are on point. But he misses how a good algorithm can be an adjunct (not a replacement) for critics,mexpert evaluations and even existing wine apps. ALGORITHMS ARE NOT ENTERTAINING First of all, algorithms are […]

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Next Glass: A Step In Solving Wine Rating’s Genetic Issues

This article reprinted in full by permission of Recommendation Insights. Copyright 2014, All rights reserved by that publication   NOTE: This article uses “wine” to avoid having to type “beer or wine” everywhere. But, unless noted otherwise, a reference to wine refers to both beer and wine. The Next Glass wine and beer selection app […]

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Sun Sets On Coalition for Free Trade

NEWS RELEASE November 24, 2014, San Francisco, Calif. – The Coalition for Free Trade (CFT), established by vintners in 1995 as a non-profit organization seeking judicial relief from laws prohibiting direct-to-consumer shipments, has ended all activities after achieving significant victories for wineries and wine lovers alike. “We can celebrate a rare occasion—an industry association opened […]

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WineGavel Saga Finally Over As Founder Pleads Guilty

Justice has finally caught up to Wine Gavel founder Joshua Krummenoehl who, according to the Wine Spectator, has agreed to pay more than $500,000 in restitution. WineGavel Saga First Broken At Wine Industry Insight In 2012 This has been an ongoing saga ever since Wine Industry Insight first broke the story in March 2012: Final […]

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Some Hard Questions For The Anti-Volunteer Folk

First of all, did every quake-struck winery and business in Napa that got volunteer recovery help violate state law? After all, they are for-profit businesses. And how about this business owner in Willits whose child care business was destroyed by a fire? If you help her, will she be a criminal? (Image from the Santa […]

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A Dyslexic Dilernrna & Aqology

I have mild dyslexia. It’s no excuse for typos, but they happen a lot more with me. I confuse lower case d b p q g (especially in typefaces where a g looks like a backward q). And a lot of the time, m looks like an r + n … so dilemma and dilernrna […]

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Harvey Posert Memorial

The family of Harvey Posert and his sons — Harvey III, Bob and Peter — have sent invitations for a celebration of the life of their father who passed away on October 3. To avoid overcrowding, the family has requested that only relatives, Harvey’s closest friends and those with invitations attend the event which is […]

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