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With Lawsuit Behind Him, Paul Dolan Talks About The Future

EDITOR’S NOTE: Paul Dolan emailed us yesterday with the following narrative explaining his perspectives on the future now that the Mendocino Wine Company lawsuit has been settled. With his permission, the email is presented below, complete and unedited.   Hi Lew I decided I should share a very short version of my story, as I […]

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Jenga Barrels! How Clever Napans Untangle The Quake Jumble & Avoid More Disaster

Carefully. A typical, 59-gallon wine barrel weighs about 120 pounds empty and 600 pounds full. But after an earthquake, you need to think of barrels full of ultra-top-quality Napa Valley wine as as a mountain of $20,000 Jenga blocks — precariously jumbled and ready to avalanche at the wrong move or the next aftershock. Climbing […]

Read More Is Moving … To Napa Valley Vintners

The domain, is moving to the Napa Valley Vintners on Friday. Right now it points to — the “Volunteer or Provide Free or At-Cost Goods For Quake-Hit Wine Businesses” help forum we set up Sunday morning. I grabbed as soon as I saw trolls trying to hijack #napaearthquake on Twitter. I didn’t […]

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Napa Quake Help Forum: Redesign, New Link

The Napa quake help forum has been re-designed to make it more user friendly.  The forum also has NEW link: WASTING TIME TO SAVE IT The rush to get the board up and running to help people, meant that, yesterday morning, I tried to use a third-party forum provider and that was just a […]

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Rain Offers Minuscule Improvement In Calif Drought.

Recent rains in California have had little effect on the Extreme Drought other than a tiny improvement over last week. As the table, below, indicates all drought categories remained the same except for D2-D4 which dropped about 2%.

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Coldani Olive Ranch Acquires Lodi Olive Oil Company

NEWS RELEASE August 21, 2014 LODI, CA, August 19, 2014 – Coldani Olive Ranch, an olive oil company based in Lodi California and producers of their Calivirgin line of olive oils, recently added local favorite Lodi Olive Oil Company to their portfolio. This announcement comes just months before the 2014 olive harvest. Lodi Olive Oil […]

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Vino-Anxiety, Stress and Social Pressure Sabotage Wine Choice

This is the next-to-last article in a series about the difficulties faced by retail wine buyers and the problems with the existing systems created to address that problem. The entire series The Problem: Welcome To The Vino Casino And Wine’s Shaky Core Genetics: Inherited Taste Chaos Sabotages How Wine Gets Recommended Scaling: 3/4 Of Wine […]

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Rating The Rating Systems – The One Place Where Words Can Actually Work

How you ask a question can determine the answer you get. The concept lies at the heart of journalists, scientists, those who interview job candidates, police detectives, opinion pollsters … and wine ratings. In many settings — especially those where the vino-cognoscenti gather — the question, “What did you think of that wine?,” will frequently […]

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Winestyr, Wine Direct … Content & Serving Readers

Sorry, but I’m going to make you work a little for this one. DTC Online Wine Sales are Booming, but Consumers Need to be Cautious Why is this not a direct link in today’s News Fetch? Because there’s something in the article that shows a disregard for readers. WINESTYR QUOTES, NO LINKS The article has […]

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