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Mendo Growers Facing Severe Frost Challenges

NEWS RELEASE February 24 2015 Frost season is here and many Mendocino County farmers are in shock with the early arrival of the serious risk of damage to their grapevines, according to Aubrey Mailliard Rawlins, Executive Director of the Mendocino WineGrowers, Inc. Normally grapevines awake from their winter dormancy around mid‐March. Some varietals are earlier […]

Sonoma Valley Winery Deerfield Ranch Files for Chapter 11

WINERY PRESS RELEASE February 17, 2015 Deerfield Ranch Winery Files for Chapter 11 Protection KENWOOD, CA, February 16, 2015 – Deerfield Ranch Winery, an award-winning winery located in Kenwood since 1982, announced today that it filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code in the Northern District of California, Santa Rosa Division. Deerfield […]

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Wine Has A Problem Because It Is “Sold.” Badly. Or Not At All

There’s been this statement floating around recently that “wine is sold, not bought.” And that’s a problem. Because, when wine is sold, it is most often sold badly or not at all. Which is why wine is now losing out to beer and spirits. To keep wine sales growing means that the industry must give […]

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TTB: Proposes AVA In Fresno County & Allowing 2-State Production & Finishing

The following summarizes press announcements of two recent TTB Proposals and a final AVA ruling.  TTB Proposal to allow Two-State Production And labeling Wines labeled with an American Viticultural Area (AVA) name as an appellation of origin could be fully finished in any State adjacent to the State in which the AVA is located. Current […]

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Imitation Is The Finest Form Of Compliment: Not So Fast On Agglom Safety

BREAKING NEWS: FDA Update: Assessing Safety Of Agglom Corks Needs More Work   Interesting that the rush to clear agglom corks comes from publications that receive substantial advertising from cork companies. This piece: Much Ado About Nothing:? borrowed quotes from the FDA statement contained in an email the FDA sent only to Wine Industry Insight. […]

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Turning White Wine Into Red: Recommendation Failures & The Alchemy Of Context

“[N]o event or object is ever experienced in perfect, objective isolation. It is instead subject to our past experiences, our current mood, our expectations, and any number of incidental details—an annoying neighbor, a waiter who keeps banging your chair, a beautiful painting in your line of sight. With something like wine, all sorts of societal […]

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Wine, Beer, Cream Cheese, Trademarks & A Correction

Trademarks are valuable pieces of intellectual property, that help define a company or  product and differentiate it from competitors. Trademarks can create memorable impressions that allow consumers to identify a given product or company. Great sums and efforts are often expended by companies to raise awareness of trademarks and build their value in customers’ minds. […]

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Silicon Valley Bank Foresees Breakout Year Ahead for US Fine Wine Business

Annual State of the Wine Industry Report Forecasts Growth in 2015: Increased Demand for Fine Wine Driven by an Improving Economy 14-18% Sales Growth Higher Bottle Prices NEWS RELEASE – ST. HELENA, Calif. –– January 21, 2015 — Silicon Valley Bank, will release its Annual State of the Wine Industry Report in a live broadcast from the SVB […]

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Berryessa-Snow Mountain National Monument: Big Impact On N. Coast Wine Country

Source: LA Times

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Freedom Is Never Free

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