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A Rejoinder to “Female Winemakers In California Are Generally Better Than Their Male Counterparts”

Wine Industry Insight received the rejoinder as an email yesterday and responded: ” I wondered if you had thought of asking Vineyard Financial Associates whether they would do that? That would offer them the opportunity to make a good-faith effort to correct their errors. “If they choose not to run it, I would do so.” […]

Long Meadow Ranch Expands In Anderson Valley, Hires Vivier As Winemaker

NEWS RELEASE RUTHERFORD, Calif. (JUNE 17, 2015) — Long Meadow Ranch (LMR) announced today the acquisition of a 145-acre property in Anderson Valley, California, completing one of the appellation’s largest viticultural land purchases in the past decade. LMR also announced that Stephane Vivier will serve as winemaker for the new Anderson Valley Estate’s 69 acres […]

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Beyond Genetics: How Saliva Affects Your Unique Way Of Experiencing Wine

Recommendation Insights has previously described the many ways that genetic variations determine any single individual’s wine taste experience: Inherited Taste Chaos Sabotages Recommendations. Now comes this very well-written article that expands that concept: Spit and image: How saliva customizes your wine tasting experience: “Not seeing eye to eye on a wine’s flavor isn’t just about […]

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Frisson Wines Receives $700K In Growth Investment

Frisson Wines has closed a $700,000 round of equity funding from unnamed private investors according the winery’s Managing Partner Terry Davis. “The funding will be used primarily to provide additional grape sources for the winery’s portfolio of single-vineyard, single-varietal wines, and to increase production by roughly 3,000 cases per year” said Davis. “This is a […]

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New Research Shows Why Wine Descriptions Don’t Help Consumers Select Wine

New research recently published in the journal Neurocomputing shows one more reason why consumers get little help in choosing wines from the descriptions in wine reviews: the same words mean different things to different people. This fits in with — MISINTERPRETATION: Words = Big Trouble — which is one of the issues that we have […]

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Why Using Flash Can Kill Your Advertising And Web Site Traffic

A large percentage of users now browse with Flash blockers or with Flash turned off. And this is what they see: Flash — especially auto-running video — is ranked among the most annoying things on the web, especially when multiple flash sessions launch suddenly and turn the web page into a twitchy, blinking eyesore that […]

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Millions In USDA Export Funds Now Available To Ag/Wine Trade Associations [And An Apology]

First, the apology: I should have found the USDA’s  April 7 calls for proposals in the Federal Register sooner. It was pretty well buried and I stumbled across it almost by accident while trying to write an article about how the Wine Institute spent the $20+ million it has received from this program over the […]

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Why Your Email Contact Form Says “Go To Hell” To Your Web Site Visitors

No one really has time to fill out all your little boxes. Fill in the blanks. Screw that! No one has the time in today’s busy world. That’s why using a contact form says  “Go to hell!” to your visitors and sends potential customers somewhere else. The forms also communicate that you don’t care about […]

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OIV Turns Global Wine Export Numbers Into Art

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Questions The Wine Institute Found Un-Tenor-able

Below is the complete email sent to the Wine Institute who objected to the “tenor” of with the questions and said it would  not answer or cooperate. I had sent the initial questions in hope of getting a response and following up with further questions. The first of a series of articles can be found […]

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