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First Keg Wine: Branding & Taste Not So Good

See the branding problem below? Hint:  All those anonymous shiny handles are wine on tap. There is a quality issue here as well. My first time ever sampling keg wines. Not a good start. I sampled three wines: 1. Unti Rosso, Dry Creek 2012 ($9.00/glass) was drinkable. Two others were bland, lacked taste and were […]

Aussie Creative Marketing That’s Not A Crime

When I tasted this wine tonight …Baileys of Glenrowan wines: Red Blend: : : 2013: Australia … … I got a clever surprise in creative marketing. Check out the cork: There must be 19 of them, dontcha think? Each tied to one of the crimes. And what could you do with a contest for the […]

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FedEx: When The Wine Absolutely, Positively Won’t get There At All

I have an office in Sonoma, right across West Napa Ttreet from the Chevy Dealership, about half a mile west of the square. Being a journalist, I am frequently in and out.   There is a law office about seven feet from my door. All of them are adults (which is pretty good for lawyers, […]

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Finally! A Use For Politicians In The Vineyard

This link — Grape growers turn attention to wind machines –made me realize that all that climate-change-causing hot air from politicians could finally be put to good use. Since water is in short supply for vineyard frost protection and wind machines are expensive to buy and operate (all that electricity or propane), why not put […]

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Wine Industry Jobs Competition Heats Up

Wine Industry Insight just got a copy of the following news release from Wine Country Classifieds. Looks like the competition is heating up for wine jobs. The following is a news release: Wine Industry Offered Free Help Wanted Postings Wine Country Classifieds has changed their business strategy and now offers free job postings on their […]

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Parker, Legal Trolls: Come Get Me – A Fair Use Declaration

Robert Parker has melted down into a legal snit fit over a column that quoted his web site. The quotes are certainly relevant in a public discussion and surely seem short enough not to infringe. This looks like a serious case of thin-skin rather than legal infringement. Nevertheless, he’s turned the copyright trolling hellhounds on […]

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Sometimes The Early Bird Misses The Worm

Congratulations to Steve Heimoff who has made the transition from ink-and-digital-stained wretch to Director, Wine Communications & Education at Jackson Family Wines. See Short and simple: I have a new job for more details. This move is great for Steve because he now has the opportunity to earn closer to what his awesome talents really […]

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Jamieson Vs Jameson: Pernod Unit Sued by Napa Vintner

We picked up the following snippet this morning from Bloomberg: Pernod Unit Sued by Napa Vintner Over Jameson Whiskey Trademark “Pernod Ricard SA (RI)’s Irish Distillers unit was sued Feb. 27 by the owners of a winery in California’s Napa Valley seeking a court declaration that the winery’s name doesn’t infringe the trademarks associated with […]

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Vine Smuggler No Hero To Growers & Nurseries

A recent article on John Caldwell: “The Smuggler of Napa Valley,” didn’t set very well with many who make their living where the vine meets with the dirt. We heard from university researchers who were outraged because casually moving rootstock around can spread all sorts of vine diseases. We heard similar complaints from growers and […]

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A Seismic Shift In French Paradox Research

The new effort by NIAAA and researchers from Yale and Harvard to raise $36 to $54 million for the first clinical trials of moderate alcohol consumption changes everything. (US Govt Asking Industry To Fund Most Of $50 Million Alcohol/Health Study) For a long while after the CBS 60 Minutes broadcast on “The French Paradox,” the […]

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