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A Journalist’s View Of Those Slick Emailer Services

You know them as Vertical Response, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and more. They may be a good way to send chatty newsletters to your wine club or other mailing list, but they hurt you in a lot of ways and they really don’t work for getting news to journalists. Put The Important Items First First […]

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Good Gawd Almighty! Get To The Point

This is supposed to be a NEWS release about NEW people. Instead, it wanders all around Hell and gone with non-sequiturs and touchy-feely, sorta-visionary-like things that maybe are supposed to give some context of some sort. But all it does is bury the real news and deprive the people involved of respect and the day […]

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Use Sharp Headlines To Hook Readers – Or Else

I just sent an email to a very talented blogger who often buries some very good stuff. This is an expansion of that email I just sent.   Dear [Blogger]: You write some great stuff. I’d like to use more of it. But many of your headlines are not descriptive. You need to grab readers […]

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Analyst Or Reporter: It’s All About Reliable Data

Whether you’re a journalist or a brokerage analyst, you’re only as good as your sources. And sources are only as good as their data. It pays to have experience and knowledge of the topics you’re covering and some history with sources because those allow you to BS detect statements and to know who has the […]

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Online Content, Prostitution & Disclosure

The following piece from today’s San Francisco Chronicle,  (“Snowcial – social media’s peak networking“) touches on a potentially unsound and possibly illegal practice if done incorrectly: “David Armano, managing director, Edelman Digital: ‘Journalists and newspapers are now doing paid content. The days are over for separation of church and state, editorial and advertising. The lines […]

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Internet Boasting Doesn’t Equal Quality

There are a million ways to laugh boasting off the stage. I’ve written many times about all the arrogance and sheer unsupportable hyperbole in news releases … by people who ought to know better. This recent piece from the San Francisco Chronicle says it very well. It deserves a careful read by the people who […]

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Suing Wine Writers

There are a lot of misconceptions about defamation. And even though it’s been quite a while since I co-taught a course on mass media law at Cornell, the Supreme Court has not made any major changes over those intervening years. The quick summary below is not legal advice, but intended as a quick “Cliff’s Notes” […]

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What’s Of Interest To News Fetch Subscribers?

I keep track of emails and comments from Wine Industry Insight’s News Fetch 18,500+ subscribers about what they find of interest … and not. Those of you who took the time to read this link — How Do I Get My News Included In Wine Industry Insight? — on Wine Industry Insight know that the […]

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“How Do I Get My News Included In Wine Industry Insight?”

PLEASE SEE THIS LINK AS WELL: What’s Of Interest To News Fetch Subscribers? I get this question frequently. So here’s a quick guide. NEWS, NEWS, NEWS AND ONLY NEWS First,it must be news and written like news. Wandering, overblown, self-congratulatory pieces filled with gushing superlatives are not news. Second, your news must be business, or […]

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(This is an excerpt from today’s News Fetch … excerpted here for my colleague Chris Rauber at the SF Business Times who has been suffering from a big flack attack. See Twitter thread below) AMATEUR, ARROGANT, WANDERING NEWS RELEASE OF THE DAY There might actually be news here, but this transcendentally offal news release won’t […]

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