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Wine Industry Insight/News Fetch wine review policy

Most wines reviewed in News Fetch’s popular “Wine of the Day” feature are purchased by the editors with their own funds. We do get an occasional bottle from wineries.   Wines that we buy get the review they deserve regardless of whether they are a rant or a rave. We feel this reflects the average […]

Presentation and supplemental material for participants of WBC18

WBC18 Presentation Daily Bruin Handbook

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How to tell if a survey is credible

Determining whether a survey is credible and the data valid as presented is often a difficult task.   Unfortunately, many surveys lack credibility because they fail to meet standards for design, implementation and transparency.   Why? Standards used by credible news organizations for assessing data validity (see below for links) require that a study must […]

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“Gotta Read” content boosts your readership. Here’s how to create it.

Note: The analytics charts showing the results of McMillan’s successful construction are at the bottom of this article.     This article looks at how a recent blog post by Rob McMillan, EVP and Founder of Silicon Valley Bank’s Wine Division hit a home run in readership.   That post — Restaurant Wine Sales Collapsing for […]

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Why You Should Never Announce an Announcement

“Announce” is redundant. It is a bland boring word, kind of like cheap corn filler or  ground beef. It dilutes your message and wastes the precious few words you have to grab a potential reader’s attention. The fact that you have sent out a press release or other announcement is proof that you have “announced.” […]

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Offending Ads – Pages That Twitch With Animations

The number-one complaint from News Fetch readers comes from animations. We’ve been banning those for new ads and grandfathering them for ongoing advertisers. What’s more, to lower the annoyance factor, the grandfathered ads must make slower transitions and remain static longer. And they animate once and then remain still. Our eventual goal is no animations […]

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The News-less “News” Release

News releases don’t have to be nauseatingly arrogant to be worthless. All it takes is the ability to bury the news at the bottom of a textual avalanche of wandering prose. This release has the usual self-congratulatory mentions embedded in a lot of verbiage that failed to address the basic question: Why should the reader […]

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News Should Be Free – Stop This Wanting To Be Paid BS!

This is a revised version of an article originally published on Feb. 14, 2014 titled, “Just Like Quality Wine, Quality News Is Not Free“ I occasionally get emails from News Fetch subscribers wondering why there are so many advertisements. Or why there are some articles that they must pay extra for.   The answer is […]

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Facebook & Email Spying: People Will Hate You If You Secretly Mess With Them

People will hate you if yousecretly  mess around with them: Internet outraged by Facebook’s ‘creepy’ mood experiment Don’t Be A Mail Chump People also don’t like to be spied upon. All of those email services like Mail Chimp. Constant Contact etc, contain undisclosed spyware that allows the sender to determine the recipient’s user behavior starting […]

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Corporate Awards & Prizes: Subtle Ways Of Biasing Media Coverage

And one step on a slippery slope toward being a “made man” (or woman. Financial scribes urged to vie for Diageo Awards The bias may seem subtle and the step toward being a in a corporate pocket one that can be eased away through denial, but both are there. Just as soon as a blogger […]

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