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Lewis Perdue is an entrepreneur, technologist, scientist, professor, author, publisher, journalist, and outdoorsman. Click here for more on Lew. Email Lew at: lewis[dot]perdue[at]wineindustryinsight[dot]com

Who are the most powerful wine brands in the world?

Source: The Power 100

Is a shopping cart really abandoned when a Millennial is at the keyboard?

Not if you know how to write a follow-up message. Source: ClickZ

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How powerful is the Hispanic shopper at the grocery register?

Source: Univision/Acosta

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What does Nielsen see for alcoholic beverage sales in 2015?

Source: Laurie Raines, Nielsen 2015 WITS presentation

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A Rejoinder to “Female Winemakers In California Are Generally Better Than Their Male Counterparts”

Wine Industry Insight received the rejoinder as an email yesterday and responded: ” I wondered if you had thought of asking Vineyard Financial Associates whether they would do that? That would offer them the opportunity to make a good-faith effort to correct their errors. “If they choose not to run it, I would do so.” […]

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When is the best time to tweet?

Source: Buffer, via VentureBeat

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Almonds, grape, marijuana: how thirsty are California’s money crops?

Source: Washington Post

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2015 Wine expected to outpace other major category sales

Source: Laurie Raines, VP Retail Consulting & Analytics Group, Nielsen (Wine Industry Technical Symposium 15 presentation)

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Wine Grape Revenues A Bumpy Ride For Growers

Source:Vineyard Financial Associates

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How distant and indirect can a tied-house violation get?

Source: Wine Industry Insight

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