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Sommeliers Choice Awards

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COVID-19 Drives astounding wine sales growth across most channels

Source: Rabobank

This graphic shows exactly who’s getting that $2 trillion Coronavirus stimulus

Source: U.S, Senate via HowMuch.Net

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Headsnapper sparkling rosé

Like fresh summer Rainier cherries finishing with a hint of clove on the palate. Strong enough to stand on its own. but also makes a great dinner wine with a pizza or tomatoes. Can make you feel like you’re at the beach even if you’re on your couch in self-isolation. $7.99 Safeway — KP

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Catena Zapata tops the “World’s Most Admired Wine Brands 2020”

This page may display improperly due to transition to new, upgraded server. We anticipate the issue  will be remedied soon. Source: Drinks International

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Humor: Recurring nightmare, COVID version

Source: xkcd

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Cooking is #1 for stuck-at-home people. Wine needs to get creative and leverage that & lots of the other top 12 activities

Source: Morning Consult

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DTC shipments recover, see sales channel shift following a one-week COVID-19 pause

Source: Commerce 7

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These are 2019’s Top DTC Varietals

Source: Sovos/W&V DTC Webinar

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Voters More Worried About Health Than Economy, Want Social Distancing to Stay

Source: Morning Consult Poll (March 26, 2020) How to tell if a survey is credible or just a load of BS

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2019 Mt. Beautiful New Zealand North Canterbury Rosé

“This is a wine I would fight someone over. If there’s a soccer mom at the end of the aisle with the last bottle of this rosé you can bet I’m going to track her down for it. This rosé is fresh and full of strawberry flavor without becoming sickly sweet. It smells amazing and […]

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