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These two charts show why your sales are doomed if you aren’t mobile ready

Old whine in new skins? Does this chart foretell Argentina’s resurgence in global markets?

Much more data at this source link: The Economist

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Some see conspiracy in missing wine-pesticide story pulled by San Francisco TV station

ABC television affiliate KGO-TV (ABC 7) in San Francisco is locked down tighter than the Nixon White House and refusing to comment or even return phone calls about why its segment on weed killer in wine is now missing.   In the April 29th issue of Wine Industry Insight’s NewsFetch,we included a link about the […]

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Craft Beer Product Segmentation 2015: A Tale Of Two Charts

  Source: Brookston Beer Bulletin

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Wealthy And Educated Americans Drink The Most

Source: Statista

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Pliny The Younger Triple IPA release made $4.88 million impact on Sonoma County this year

Source: Sonoma County Economic Development Board (EDB) In February 2016, the Economic Development Board (EDB) partnered with Santa Rosa-based Russian River Brewing Company to measure the economic impact of visitors traveling for the annual release of their world-famous craft beer known as Pliny the Younger. Informed by surveying throughout the two-week event, economic impact analysis […]

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It’s official! Millennials now largest living American generation. Boomer death curve accelerating..

  Source: Pew Research via Washington Post

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Gallo’s Millennial Fave Kills Wine Group’s #1 Boomer Brand … Popular Kangaroo Stumbles.

Source: Shanken News Daily

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The staggering variances in alcohol guidelines across the world

Source: The Economist

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Craft beer is eating wine’s lunch – and chomping away at Boston Beer. Is SAM no longer craft?

SAM stock down more than 8% on April 22: “We believe Samuel Adams has lost share due to the increased competition and continued growth of drinker interest in variety and innovation,” said Jim Koch, founder and chairman of Boston Beer. Source (and lots more info): Wall Street Journal

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