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Submitted By: Tanya Hart, April 02, 2013
Does the Wine & Spirits Industry need yet another keg in the market? Well perhaps just one more, the TORR keg. This keg could be the best answer to Wine and Spirit On-Tap dispensing to date.

Kegs are fast becoming the hottest alternative method in dispensing wine-by-the-glass. The two most popular types of keg dispensers in the tap market are traditional ‘two way’ kegs and ‘disposable’ kegs. The TORR keg, unlike its’ competitors, utilizes maximum efficiency, minimal waste and a high carbon footprint.

“We knew we wanted to create a keg that simply made more sense to both wineries and restaurants” said Tim Orr, founder and creator of the patented TORR keg system. “Shipping full and empty kegs back and forth across the country doesn’t make sense, neither does throwing away massive amounts of wasted plastic and corrugated from disposable kegs” said Orr. “We knew there had to be a better way”.

The TORR keg is designed to be a refillable beverage dispensing unit. The keg itself has an inner bladder which fills with air pressure, gently squeezing a 9 Liter bag (one case) filled with wine and forcing it through the dispensing taps. Once the bag is completely evacuated, it’s thrown away and a new one is added. No air or gas ever touches wine. One regulated small air compressor can run up to 6 kegs, from either a back bar cooler or from 50 feet away. The wine is packaged at the winery or co-packer in one or two case boxes, palletized and shipped like a regular case of wine. The cost to wineries is nominal to fill.
“As an innovative company we are always looking for quality improvements and what is hot in the market” said Paul Tanguay, Partner at Tippling Bros, a Restaurant Branding & Management Group. “We love the Wine-On-Tap concept and use traditional kegs at our Tavernita Restaurant, but with our upcoming Tippling Hall project we decided to use the TORR keg. We will be utilizing the kegs for our cocktail mixers also” said Tanguay “. Tippling Hall is due to open in June.

At 17 inches high and a little over nine inches wide, the kegs can be used either upright or lying sideways. They fit comfortably in a kegorator or easily in the back bar cooler of a restaurant.

“Once we saw the TORR keg, we understood right away it would fit our business model” said John Soler, Managing Director of Micro Matic USA and a national distributor for the TORR keg. “We have invested in and believe strongly in the Wine On-Tap category. The TORR keg represents not only Wine-On-Tap, but also additional beverage dispensing solutions” said Soler. The kegs can be utilized by restaurants, distributors, wineries, spirit companies, non-alcoholic beverage companies and additionally consumers for in home use.

The 9-liter, BPA-free bags are custom made for TORR Industries by Ra-pak®, a major manufacturer of wine bags. The design ensures full evacuation of wine from the bag. The bags have a two-ply structure, the outer of which is composed of a 3.6 mm barrier and high-strength film. The inner film in contact with the wine is an inert linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and is BPA free and FDA-approved for food contact. The bag film has been shelf-tested by major wineries under normal storage and filling conditions and can provide nine to 12 months of shelf life.

Tanya Hart, president of Hart Wine Group, a sales and marketing company specializing in alternative packaging for the wine industry, appreciates the TORR keg’s functionality. “Restaurants love the ease of use and cost savings,” said Hart. “The kegs and 9-liter bags are easy for staff to handle and there is no wine waste. Additionally there are great savings on gas like nitrogen, CO2 and argon which are not needed, unlike traditional kegs.”

Wineries looking to fill bags for the kegs have a number of options; one of which is Rack & Riddle, Custom Crush in Hopland who have invested heavily in machinery for alternative packaging.
“We offer great incentives to wineries looking for quality packaging” said Mark Garaventa, Vice President of Business Development for Rack & Riddle. “The wine industry is clearly moving into kegs and we looked at them all, however, we really liked the TORR keg concept” Garaventa said.

Kegs are revolutionizing the way wine is dispensed in restaurants and hotels, preserving wine at its best long term. It will always be cool to pop a cork and pour wine from a bottle, but for everyday consumption, in a fast paced working environment, perhaps pouring wine from a TORR keg is the best solution, so far.


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