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Submitted By: Alan Goldfarb, October 03, 2016
For Immediate Release

Oct. 3, 2016


Wine Confidential ( – an innovative online wine sales platform, is making a big splash in the wine distribution industry by focusing on small wineries – and by helping them cut out the distribution system altogether.

Wine Confidential’s cofounders Tim Alberdi and Ryan Carey have a vision to help these wineries get around the current distribution system in which wholesalers are becoming larger and the small guys “get no love.”

They found that as the “Big Boys” (large wholesalers) continue to consolidate power, their attention is solely focused on the large winery conglomerates that dominate the grocery and chain retailers. This leaves small- to medium-sized wineries without a (well-deserved) spot on the retail shelf, and in dire need of help getting their wines to consumers across the country.

Startup Wine Confidential believes it has developed a solution. “With recent technological advancements, especially in the payment processing industry, we were able to create the very first platform that allows wineries to band together to sell wine throughout the country - while skipping the three-tiered distribution system altogether” explains Carey.

The end results of having wine bypass the distribution route are impressive. Consumers finally have better access to wine, especially from small, boutique producers, who in turn have better access to customers.

Alberdi, 51, is a successful veteran of the wine industry. Despite his more than 30 years in retail sales, he sees a bright future for wine sales online. “I love the brick and mortar side of the business, but the industry is changing,” he says. “The time has come for a company like Wine Confidential to shake things up a bit.”
Wine Confidential also boasts one more advantage over the distribution system; something it touts as “From the Vineyard to Your Glass.” “People often forget that wine is a perishable product,” states Alberdi. “Shipping wine directly from the winery ensures that every single bottle arrives at your door in pristine condition. It’s the closest thing to drinking that bottle at the winery itself.”

After three years of fine-tuning its innovative platform, Wine Confidential has now officially launched and begun selling wine direct-to-consumer on its website. Wine Confidential has thus far partnered with about 50 producers, including high quality Napa Valley and Sonoma wineries, with a couple dozen more in various stages of signing up. Among the notable names in the Wine Confidential portfolio are Vineyard 29, Switchback Ridge, Moone-Tsai, Lail Vineyards, Blackbird Vineyards, and Ghost Block.

Contact: Ryan Carey