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Subject: WINE EXECUTIVE NEWS Venture investments in wine - 2019 gets started: Top 48 total approaches $1 Bil - + Vinebox & Wine.com update| January 22, 2019

Date: 2019-01-22 08:22:37

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Venture investments in wine - 2019 gets started: Top 48 total approaches $1 Bil - + Vinebox & Wine.com update - Wine Executive News
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From Editor & Publisher Lewis Perdue
January 22, 2019

Venture investments in wine - 2019 gets started: Top 48 total approaches $1 Bil - + Vinebox & Wine.com update

The totat investment in the top 48 U.S.-based wine companies has hit at least $924.4 million. I say "at least" because these are just the numbers I can confirm. The industry's propensity to hide every investment like a dog buries a bone means that the total is most likely greater than $1 billion.


Top 48? Why not 50, or 100?

After working for Dow-Jones, WallStreetJournal.com, MarketWatch, and enjoying a high-energy luge ride with Jim Cramer as one of his original columnists for TheStreet.Com, I learned you need to draw a line somewhere or risk spending effort in places of little significance.

When I began this series of articles in 2018, I set that lower limit at $1 million. When I was doing technology investments, that amount was significantly higher: usually a bottom limit of $10 million.

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  • Top 48: The Chart

  • So, Why $1 million cut-off point

  • Lack of transparency makes precision impossible

  • Vinebox and Wine.Com updates



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