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Date: 2017-07-12 17:13:41

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American Express Wine Executive News Premium Member Briefing July 12, 2017
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VIP Wine Executive News Member Briefing

The premium, VIP service of Wine Industry Insight

From editor & publisher, Lewis Perdue
July 12, 2017

Important American Express subscriber billing announcement

As I mentioned in an email back in June, ECSuite, our former credit card biller  was acquired by CCBill which does not accept American Express.

We have added the Stripe payments system so we can accept your American Express card.

We have just implemented a system so that we can accept American Express using a very solid company called 

We have had a few folks transition to CCBill before their subscriptions expired, but some Amex subscribers have not.

Can't say I blame them. Amex is my card of choice for a lot of reasons ... including the points.

Fort all those reasons, we've worked hard over the past weeks to create the right payment system so you can use the card you prefer.

Subscribe at your old, original rate

The Stripe system will allow you to continue to use Amex with Wine Executive News.

In addition, we have just implemented a "never expire" coupon system that will allow you to subscribe at your old rate for as long as you remain a subscriber.

3 Easy Steps To Subscribe With American Express
(As well as Visa or Mastercard)

(1) GO TO THIS PAGE, select the type of subscription you have been paying for (monthly or annual).

(2) Once you are on the payment page, ignore the current price then click monthly or annual depending on the type of account you have had.

Then, copy and paste the appropriate coupon code from the table below that matches your old account.

Your Original Subscription Price Stripe Coupon Code
Annual, $189 WENLoyalty189
Annual, $179 WENLoyalty179
Annual, $159 WENLoyalty159
Monthly, $24.99 WENLoyalty24
Monthly, $19.99 WENLoyalty10
Monthly, $13.99 WENLoyalty16
Monthly, $5.99 WENLoyalty5
NOTE: Coupons will only work with the corresponding original subscription price.

(3) Head on over to Wine Executive News and check out the stories you have been missing.

If your subscription has not yet expired:

You will want to hang on to your account until it does. Then use the method above to re-subscribe since we do not have the ability to credit you for unused time.
Suggestions? Comments?

If you have any additional suggestions or comments that may ease the transition, I am all ears. Please email me at: lewis.perdue@wineindustryinsight.com.

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