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Subject: Important premium subscriber billing announcement -- WINE EXECUTIVE NEWS | June 19, 2017

Date: 2017-06-19 11:43:57

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Important billing announcement -- Premium Member Briefing June 19, 2017
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VIP Wine Executive News Member Briefing

The premium, VIP service of Wine Industry Insight

From editor & publisher, Lewis Perdue
June 19, 2017

2 Important subscriber billing announcements

(1) ECSuite (our credit card biller since 2009) has been acquired by CCBill: Does not accept American Express.

(2) We have added the Stripe payments system: Does accept American Express.

ECSuite, the billing service that Wine Executive News has used for the past eight years, has been acquired by
CCBill which, unfortunately, does not take American Express.

I am an American Express user. In fact — prefer it.

The merger was a very unexpected and sudden development, not only for the transition of existing accounts, but also to accommodate our American Express cardholders.

This change made me angry.

In addition, the transition of other cards has not been smooth either. Both of those are unacceptable and I have done something about them.

I’ve created two options for you.


The first option: Visa/MasterCard + Free month

If you re-subscribe with Visa/MasterCard etc. within the next 30 days, you can subscribe at the old subscription rate PLUS you will get a free month on top of that: Thirteen months for the price of twelve.

If you choose this option, please go to this link:
THIS LINK I apologize for the inconvenience.

The second option: American Express with Stripe:

We have just implemented a system so that we can accept American Express using a very solid company called 

This system will allow you to continue to use Amex with Wine Executive News.

That new Stripe link also accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Your current subscription term is valid, but will not rebill automatically when the term expires. When that happens, you will need to re-subscribe using the Stripe System for American Express at:

NOTE: We recently raised the subscription price, but are working on a system that will allow you to re-subscribe at your original amount. We have not finished programming that, but — if you re-subscribe before we get the system in place — we will extend your subscription term to make up for the difference.

Suggestions? Comments?

If you have any additional suggestions or comments that may ease the transition, I am all ears. Please email me at:

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A reminder about your passwords, account access and customer service issues

I am frequently out of computer and cell range. The password and billing systems are ultra secure and can be accessed by only one desktop computer.

That means I cannot access your account anywhere except my office.

While I prefer to take care of your customer service personally, you will be better served 24/7/365 when I am out of the office by contacting the billing company, CCBill at: consumersupport@ccbill.com

New Subscriber Info

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However -- especially for new subscribers -- it's important to know that I don't send you a separate email every time an article contains premium content. That would be spamming ... especially for folks who read News Fetch every day.

This is because most Wine Executive News subscribers usually have subscribed to News Fetch prior to joining the premium content site.

When you sign up for premium, I always check to see if you are also getting the free News Fetch. If not, I sign you up so you will get the news quickly.

Where can you find premium content?

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