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Trinchero Family Estates fined $44,575 death of cellar worker -- WINE EXECUTIVE NEWS | Premium Member Briefing March 31, 2017
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March 31, 2017

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Trinchero Family Estates fined $44,575 in accidental death of cellar worker --  WINE EXECUTIVE NEWS | Premium Member Briefing | March 31, 2017

Trinchero Family Estates fined $44,575 accidental death of cellar worker

According to Cal/OSHA, the winery was in the process of unloading approximately 204 metal barrel racks from a 40 foot container using an industrial fork truck when the accident occurred.The following findings led to the Cal/OSHA fine (direct quotes with some redaction):

  • The employer failed to inspect and maintain a Toyota Fork Lift Truck Model  as recommended by the manufacturer.

  • The employer permitted the use of a four inch nylon winch cargo strap attached to the forklift backrest  to pull a load of stacked barrel racks contrary to the purpose.

  • The employer permitted the use of a Kinedyne nylon winch cargo strap which was worn, deformed and damagedwhich is contrary to the manufacturer's recommendations.

  • The employer permitted the use of a Kinedyne nylon winch cargo strap to pull loads contrary to themanufacturer's intended use.

  • The employer failed to prevent a stack of barrel racks from tipping and falling.

  • The stack of barrel racks tipped and fell out of the container landing on an employee.

  • The employee suffered fatal crushing injuries to the torso.

Full details are in the attached Cal/OSHA report .

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