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From: lewis.perdue@wineindustryinsight.com

Subject: WINE INDUSTRY INSIGHT - Special Post-Holiday News Fetch

Date: 2009-09-08 12:28:04

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EMAIL EDITION - VOLUME I, NUMBER 117 - September 8, 2009

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There was a huge number of post-holiday stories for News Fetch this morning. Because of your enthusiasm for this feature, I decided to send along a special edition rather than letting more News fetch installments create a large unwieldy email edition next time.

NEWS FETCH - September 8, 2009

  • WA: Firefighters dodge flying corks in wine truck fire
  • Jancis Robinson on Altatech: A mature nose for investment
  • Makers of high-end wines caught in 'dead zone'
  • Chileans expected to produce more high quality wines at ever lower prices.
  • Can o' Cabernet, Anyone? Rexam produces wine cans for Russian distributor
  • UK: Peter Lehmann Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Water Agencies, Enviros and Tribes Unite to Delay Water Bills
  • 'Personal touch' keeps Livermore wineries afloat during recession
  • Italian wine continues to take an ever larger slice of the UK off-trade market
  • Winning wines recession-proof at California State Fair
  • CELEBRITY WINES: The public’s blind faith has made this a winning sales technique
  • Mendocino crop values sank in '08
  • Sonoma Wine auction: Tough economy leaves glasses half empty
  • CHILE: A question of allegiance
  • UK: £20,000 reward for stolen wine antique
  • New Wine Institute Video Highlights California Sustainable Winegrowing
  • India: Grapes of woe
  • Wine Country 'booze cruise' rules cut down on drunken tasters
  • WA: Appellation Grape Quota Still Pending
  • UK: Eight New MWs announced
  • Moldovan grape growers face bankruptcy despite good harvest
  • NJ: Grape growers save winery: Divine strategy
  • NM wine fest corked until next year
  • TX: Advanced wine-grape grower workshop slated Oct. 13 in Comanche
  • New winery uncorked in Michigan
  • Londer Vineyards opens tasting room in Boonville
  • Z winery visits falling, Tourism Ministry figures show
  • MD: Winery group head ready for festival
  • AR: Man Builds Chapel At Winery
  • LA: Winery harvests first grapes
  • NV: WNC Fallon offers grape harvest workshop
  • Is wine suitable for vegans?
  • Farm tourism connects public to rural life
  • WI: Get up close to Wisconsin wineries
  • Much-denigrated Petite Sirah gets more respect
  • Bottle shape keys culture
  • Screwcap wines present special challenges
  • Napa Valley Wine Train To Celebrate 20th Anniversary
  • Golden Dragon Holdings, Inc. Registers Trademark of Private Label
  • Giuseppe Wines: An Italian-American story

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