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European Web and Mobile Wine Production Software Firm acquires U.S. Cloud-based Counterpart

Process2Wine acquires Wine Management Systems, Enabling Wineries to Leverage and Afford a Best-in-Class Vineyard Management and Wine Production Management Solution


San Rafael, Calif. – Process2Wine, the newest best in class Wine Production and Vineyard Management solution, is pleased to announce today the acquisition of Wine Management Systems (WMS), the leading U.S. provider of end-to-end Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that track all winery activities from Weigh tag through Production & Bottling.


The collaboration between WMS and Process2Wine started in January 2018, when Process2Wine was dealing with solicitations from American wineries that wanted to bring their vineyard and winery management to the next level. Process2Wine team, mostly based in France and Canada at that time, was looking for an expert team located in the USA. That’s what they found with the team at WMS, the precursor of cloud-based winery software in the USA. Their expertise on the American wine industry combined with their prestigious background in IT made the collaboration with Process2Wine a success. After receiving positive feedback from several WMS clients that they loved the new functionality provided by Process2Wine the collaboration evolved into an acquisition.


Alain Sutre Chief Executive Officer of Process2Wine, sees on this French-American collaboration “a good way to revolutionize the information system in the wine industry with a combined visions of the old and new world. We are extremely happy to announce the merger with WMS team who are enthusiastic about the collaboration and working with us. Our SaaS solutions will be very complimentary, and we will be dedicated to the US market for the benefit of WMS customers as well. It is a great opportunity for us to be part of WMS business” Sutre says.


By merging with WMS, Process2Wine is making it possible for American wineries and custom crush facilities to afford and leverage the same robust best in class Vineyard and Wine Production capabilities that have long been in use by larger wineries. The web-based solution delivers all of the robust functionality offered by other systems at lower total cost of ownership, based on significantly reduced IT, license, and upgrade costs associated with traditional Wine Production and Vineyard Management software investments.


Says WMS Chief Executive Officer Patrick Oates, “Process2Wine is leveling the playing field from mid-sized to larger wineries with an ERP software. These companies cannot only manage their Winemaking and Vineyard processes with Process2Wine they can also afford and access the best-in-class, web-based capabilities offered through state of the art Cloud Based Technology for improved, end-to-end business management.”


According to Oates, “For a modest monthly fee, Process2Wine is providing business Wine Production management capabilities that have historically been out of reach from a pricing perspective for wineries. Clearly, this change is revolutionizing business for many wineries that would not otherwise have access to such things as GPS Tracking of Vineyard information as well as managing barcoding. Their Smartphone data entry capabilities are truly game changing. That is why of all the Wine Production solutions in the winery space we chose Process2Wine”.


Now the two companies have already big plans for the future. Process2Wine intends to become the heart of a digital ecosystem that will include predictive decision making tools with the goal of facilitating viticulture in response to the environment, and delivering efficiencies throughout the winemaking process.


About Process2Wine


Process2wine is the well-established software arm of Ertus Group, founded by Alain Sutre in France. As a famous consulting winemaker in Bordeaux, and President of the company, Alain Sutre has been instrumental in the software’s development, working with a team of dedicated developers to build the software directly from the vision of someone that knows the intricacies of the winemaking process. This allows the software to solve real problems that winemakers and vineyard managers face, while also providing the complete traceability results that they’re looking for. Process2Wine is the only solution that integrates full traceability from the vineyard to the cellar, and encompasses major innovations such as the automatic GPS tracking of viticulture operations. The simplicity and power of this software solution is appreciated by more than 250 properties in Europe and North America.


For more information about Process 2 Wine please call 800-280-2708 or contact:


About Wine Management Systems


WMS was founded in 2007 to address the glaring needs of the small to mid size wine producer. At the time there were no affordable software applications available that could assist in tracking every critical activity that occurs in the winery business cycle. Patrick Oates, a former IT executive, recognized the opportunity to leverage the latest technology and software trends to offer smaller wineries the same set of solutions that were only affordable to large wine companies at that time. By partnering with leading software companies in addition to working closely with wine industry leaders in production, and DTC delivery WMS was created and a new benchmark was set for management technology in the wine industry.


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