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2015 craft beer dollar value up 16%, may exceed California wine by the end of this year

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Source: Brewers Association (Data Methodology at this link)

The gap narrowed in 2015: U.S. Craft Beer: $22.3 Billion  – Calif Wine: $24.6 billion

According to numbers from research firm and published in Wines in Vines, 2015 U.S. wine sales totaled $38 billion. Since California Wine Institute data estimates that that California represents 65% of U.S.dollar sales that means $24.6 billion in 2015 U.S. wines sales came from California.

Craft on top by end of 2016?

If current growth rates continue — 16% for craft and 3% for wine — that means U.S. craft beer could overtake the entire California wine industry by the end of this year: $25.8 billion versus 25.3 billion.