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“How Do I Get My News Included In Wine Industry Insight?”

PLEASE SEE THIS LINK AS WELL: What’s Of Interest To News Fetch Subscribers?

I get this question frequently. So here’s a quick guide.


First,it must be news and written like news.

Wandering, overblown, self-congratulatory pieces filled with gushing superlatives are not news.

Second, your news must be business, or industry related, not primarily consumer news like events, medals, dinners or other items in the bullets below.


The easiest way to get into Wine Industry Insight is to send me an existing web link from a credible news source that I can consider for News Fetch. News relevance is the same as listed above (and as excluded, below).


If it passes those tests, then you you can post the item yourself on Wine Industry Insight as part of the “Other Voices” section in the left-hand column at

Just go here: and you can start as soon as I verify your registration.

If you have any doubts about whether an item is appropriate, just send me an email beforere you post.

If your article or links are good, then I’ll include them as a link in News Fetch which goes to 18,500+ wine trade subscribers Monday through Friday.


I’ve been keeping track of emails and comments from Wine Industry Insight’s News Fetch subscribers about what they find of interest … and not.

Always remember, anything that’s of primary interest to a consumer is not of interest.

Here are a few that will not make it (in no particular order):

  • Wine competition prizes, medals etc.
  • New “looks”, branding, new bottle sizes.
  • Consumer promotions and festivals.
  • Charity events, cause marketing, and contribution unless they are TRULY AMAZING —  If you just gave your winery away to the Goodwill or UNICEF, that’s a story.
  • Almost all “Green” campaign topics. If you have discovered how to produce cold fusion power from lees, that’s a different story.
  • New tasting room, barrel aging facility
  • New varietals
  • No prizes, wine of the year etc.
  • All news releases with any quote containing the words “we are thrilled” will be deleted.
  • Consumer awards, contests, winemaker dinners, tastings, tasting room expansion, barrel room expansion, water for dogs and designated drivers
  • Winery named best whatever
  • Screw caps or corks?
  • New brands
  • New wines
  • Wine and food festival
  • No web site re-design, label redesign, bottles, corks etc.
  • No more “sustainable certification” and “green energy” stories. Everybody needs to do these. It’s the green equivalent of saying “We have Internet access!”
  • Wine and food matching
  • Wine and music
  • Water to wine … wine to water.

All of the above can change if you have something that is truly, TRULY new. Truly unique and of it is of interest to your wine industry peers and not just to consumers.