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COVID re-opening guidelines for commercial real estate. PLUS! — the lawsuit over cooked wine

With a number of Coronavirus re-opening plans varying widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, I thought it might be useful to send along the following links to pdfs that outline some best practices from Cushman and Wakefield.


These are especially important both as regards health issues and to possible lawsuits from consumers and employees.


The information is applicable to you as a consumer, as an employer, a property owner or occupant of a building.


Tasting room best practices are special cases and still being developed, but the retail document can offer some ideas.


All links below (except the one for Wine Spectator) are premium only.

COVID re-opening guidelines for commercial real estate from Cushman and Wakefield

  • Reopening Readiness Guide for Industrial Properties
  • Reopening Readiness Guide for Commercial Offices
  • Reopening Readiness Guide for Retail Properties

UPDATES: CDC Advisory & Morning Consult Data

  • CDC Notice: COVID-19 Employer Information for Office Buildings
  • C.D.C. Recommends Sweeping Changes to American Offices
  • Coworking Spaces Up Safety Precautions, Go Digital to Stay Alive Amid Pandemic

Cooked Wine

The issue was very well covered by The Wine Spectator: What Do You Do with 1,000 Bottles of Cooked Wine? Zachys’ Insurer Is Suing Shippers over Alleged Mishandling of Wine


The lawsuit is just in its initial stages. This link to the Complaint offers a little more detail. However, I will be covering this as the litigation moves along.

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